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 Alpha  Logistics  Worldwide  -  Tariff  0001  Rev.02

 FMC Organization No.: 027077 |  License No.: 027077NF

 Published:  18 March 2021  |  Effective: 18 March 2021

Rule 26: Container Weight Regulations (SOLAS)

Time-Volume Rates (TVR) are subject to the following conditions:

1. Offering Period - TVR are offered for the period shown in the individual TVR.

2. Commodity - Commodity is as shown in the individual TVR.

3. Minimum Volume - The minimum volume is as shown in the individual TVR.

4. Enrollment - Shipper(s) and/or Consignee(s) desiring to ship cargo under a TVR shall notify the carrier in writing. Enrollment must be in the name of the shipper or consignee making the application. Carrier shall notify shipper/consignee of the Enrollment Number assigned. Once Shipper has accepted the TVR it shall remain in effect for the time specified, without amendment.

5. Ports/Points - TVR apply only from/to specific ports/points shown in the individual TVR.

6. Except as specifically provided in the individual TVR, all rules, regulations, conditions and charges in this tariff are applicable to TVR's.

7. Cargo shall be operated as per the applicable TVR. If shipper/consignee fails to ship the required minimum then shipper/consignee shall pay the difference between the TVR minimum and the actual quantity shipped at the TVR rate (if two or more rates are provided, the lowest rate shall apply) or shipments shall be re-rated at the tariff rate in effect at time of shipment, whichever produces the lowest total charge.

8. Shipments shall be counted toward only one (1) TVR.

9. Beyond its obligations as a common carrier, the carrier makes no commitment to any defined service level, such as assured space, transit time, port rotation or similar service feature.

10. Carrier shall maintain records sufficient to justify the application of TVR, including enrollment form and Bills of Lading for a minimum period of five (5) years after the expiration of the TVR.


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1) Our freight quotations are generally valid for 15 days unless otherwise stated within our "Freight Quotation" form, NRA (Negotiated Rate Arrangement) or NSA (NVOCC Service Arrangement); 2) Cargo is booked and moved per "ALPHA LOGISTICS WORLDWIDE FREIGHT FORWARDING TERMS AND CONDITIONS" as revised; "ALPHA LOGISTICS WORLDWIDE - Tariff 0001" as revised published and made available at; and any other instrument provided with terms, policies, and notices; 3) Fuel surcharge (fsc) may vary slightly as published or provided by pre-carrier(s) at time to loading; 4) Documentation (shippers letter of instruction, packing list, commercial invoice) are included. If any special/additional documentation or filing beyond those are required per the cargo content or "known" destination country requirements, there may be additional documentation fees applied; 5) If shipping vehicle(s), special fees will be assessed for filing and pre-clearing through AES; 6) If shipping hazardous material, special handling fees above normal documentation will be assessed; 7) All shipment departure/sail and arrival dates/times are estimates and subject to change without notice; 8) All documentation are required to be in at minimum ninety-six hours (96 hours) prior to cargo sailing/departure or before container is in-gated. If shipping vehicles, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requires a minimum of 72-hours (seventy two hours) to clear vehicle titles for shipment AND Alpha Logistics Worldwide requires original titles and relevant information in office at least 168-hours/7-days prior to scheduled ship sailing date; 9) Failure to provide complete, accurate, timely, and necessary cargo information may result in storage, extra handling, shipment change/roll-over, demurrage, and/or detention fees applied by CBP, Port Authority, Pre-Carriers, Carrier, and any other party handling your cargo; 10) At any time during the course of your shipment, after presentation and/or settling of final invoice, you may request a breakout of all charges relating to your cargo. 11) A non-refundable $500 cancellation fee will be assessed by Alpha Logistics Worldwide plus any other charges levied by contracted parties providing handling, forwarding, storing, processing, warehousing, insuring, and other services/products; 12) Your (Shipper/Exporter) agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless, Alpha Logistics Worldwide and its parent, predecessor, successors and affiliates and their officers, directors, shareholders, employees and agents from and against any damage, loss, fine, penalty, fee, expense, or liability of any type or kind whatsoever incurred or sustained by them or applied to this shipment, arising out of, based upon or relating to the booking and forwarding of the cargo set forth in the Freight Quotation arising from actions taken by CBP, Ocean Carriers, Pre-Carriers, Storage Facilities, Loaders and Handlers, or as a result of Shipper's failure to adhere to any of the provisions in paragraphs 1-9 above.


As an OTI (Ocean Transport Intermediary) we are the facilitating entity amongst all parties involved in the shipping process. Accordingly, we serve as the conduit through which information and money is collected and disbursed. WE DO NOT ACCEPT OR PAYOUT IN CASH. Acceptable payment methods are:

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