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“Behind every great leader there was an even greater logistician.” – M. Cox


Ocean vessel
Did you know that 90% of world trade happens via ocean transport? At Alpha Logistics Worldwide, we take notice of the significance of that number and what it really represents. 90% of goods that affects people's lives, investments, government, non-profit, and business operations. As a licensed Ocean Transport Intermediary, we're not only recognized by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and the National Customs Broker & Forwarder Association of America, Inc (NCBFAA), but Steamship carriers, NVOCCs (Freight Consolidators), In-land carriers (rail and trucking), and other freight forwarders we work with to move cargo.

Price versus Performance, that is a debate we can decide on. What we can speak on is our observation that all our clients share at least one thing in common, 'they value their cargo'. That is why we are repeatedly given the opportunity to efficiently move it with care and prudence from door to destination on their behalf. ALW is project conscious and take into full consideration our client's shipping objectives, budget, timeline, and expected outcome/deliverables when planning freight movement.

Type of shipments:

FCL (Full Container Loads): These shipments make up the heart and soul of our business and the industry itself. From standard dry containers to specialty and oversized containerized/non-containerized freight, we will find a carrier to move it.
   • 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft steel and aluminum containers
   • Standard dry, Reefer, Ventilated, Open-top, Flat Rack, Platform, to Tank containers
   • Non-containerized shipments - RoRo (Roll-on, Roll-Off) for vehicles

LCL (Less than Container Load): Clients occasionally have cargo that does not reach a full container load or for budgetary reasons, is just not feasible to utilize one. These types of moves can range from boxed, crated, or palletized cargo. Alpha Logistics Worldwide works with NVOCCs' that consolidate and move LCL freight to any foreign destination around the globe. Clients can rely on our expertise and network to facilitate the safe and timely move of their LCL freight. Email or call us with your cargo specifications and we can quote your LCL shipment.


In-land haulage
Alpha Logistics Worldwide has developed a good working relationship with professional, first class front-end carriers to move your cargo from door/dock to port. Depending on location and shipment routing, we efficiently plan and incorporate multifaceted precarriage transport modes to ensure the most cost effective, efficient, and timely move is achieved.

We work with licensed, bonded, and reputable carriers and brokers to ensure all the links connecting your cargo to its consignee are handled with the utmost care and professional manner. Within the scope of your shipment, we factor and meticulously plan with all variables in mind, i.e., container availability, congestion, gate-in timeframes, cutoffs, sail dates, the regulatory process it must undergo to be cleared for export. For these and many other technical reasons, we provide options to clients to decide whether straight trucking or mix-mode truck & rail best serves their shipping interest. Let us quote your next shipment for more clarity on our pre-shipment planning process.


documentation image
We are a professional Freight Forwarding company and history has taught us that US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Census Bureau, Port Authorities, and other regulatory entities love "documentation". Erroneous filing or careless mistakes can attract more than headaches, it can lead to penalties for false declaration and/or forfeiture if severe enough.

Keep in mind CBP is charged with a mandate to clear shipments entering and exiting the United States. They carryout intrusive examinations at random or on suspicion - to ensure everything is on the 'up and up'. When those situations arise, 'documentation often resolves the situation', trust us on this.

Keep in mind CBP is charged with a mandate to clear shipments entering and exiting the United States. They carryout intrusive examinations at random or on suspicion - to ensure everything is on the 'up and up'. When those situations arise, 'documentation often resolves the situation', trust us on this.

On our clients behalf, we effect:

   • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communication to efficiently and seamlessly transmit information to parties of concern during the shipment process.

   • AES / EEI (Automated Export System / Electronic Export Information) to electronically file export information as mandated by US Census Bureau for statistical purposes as well as CBP for compliance.


Cargo insurance image
Shipping accidents can happen at any time in transit. From truck accidents, rail derailments, containers folding/collapsing from improper stacking and weight distribution, to cargo ships encountering inclement weather and having to jettison containers in order to save the ship and crew. Of course there are maritime laws in place such as "General Average" and "Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA)" to help remedy these instances but not at the value your cargo is worth or what you might expect. There are limitations placed on the various types of cargo moves which could keep you from being "whole again" as a result of an unexpected loss, damage, or delay.

At a very affordable price when compared to the freight value, we advise clients to purchase Cargo Insurance. Like other insurance products, there are many policies available to cover the bare minimum to "All-Risk" coverage. At a very reasonable price, buy yourself a piece of mind during your shipment.

RoRo (Roll-on, Roll-off) Service

RoRo image
Just like LCL shipments, time arises when clients need to ship a motorized vehicle without a full container move or too large to fit into/onto a container/platform. The factors vary from single small vehicle, oversized vehicle (bus, truck, tractor, military personnel carriers, tanks, etc...). Whatever the scenario may be, we can move that freight.

Types of vehicles ideal for RoRo:

   • Collectables
   • Buses | Trucks | Tractors | Rail Cars
   • Cars | SUVs' | Vans | RVs' | Boats
   • Construction Machinery | Military Vehicles


Air Freight image
Alpha Logistics Worldwide is not presently accredited to facilitate air freight. For our standing clients with a U.S. Principal Party of Interest freight (USPPI) forwarder agent agreement on file, we sub-contract/outsource this service to one of our partnering companies to ensure our clients' total freight needs are covered by us.

Contact us today for a comprehensive discussion of your shipping needs including Air Freight and let us take the logistical worries from you.

Types of Air Freight:

   • Disaster relief cargo
   • Medicines | Medical Supplies | Vaccinations
   • Equipment & supplies
   • Time sensitive freight

Warehouse and Loading Service

warehouse image
For our metro-Atlanta clients, Alpha Logistics Worldwide is happy to announce that it has entered MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with facilities providing warehousing service for our clients use. Near the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in College Park is a 10,000 s.f. facility with three loading and off-loading docks. This facility is situated less than 1 mile from the I-85 and I-285 interstate exchange making it easy to transit goods to the airport (less than 5 miles), into or through Atlanta, or using the by-pass to quickly reach the shipping ports in Savannah, Jacksonville, and Charleston.

Near the Panola Road exit in Lithonia, GA (metro-east Atlanta) is a 3,000 s.f. facility with a single loading dock and personnel specializing in moving, packaging, and loading freight. This facility is ideal for break-bulk exercises, consolidation, and container loading. Less than 2 miles from the I-20 Interstate, it is superb for Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA container moves.

Services provided include:

   • Break bulk
   • Consolidation
   • In-transit staging
   • Sorting |Packing | Labeling
   • Loading & Off-Loading
   • Temporary Storage (warehousing)

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Booking and Cancellation Policy
1) Our quotations are valid for 15 days from the date of issuance unless otherwise stated on our "Freight Quotation" form; and 2) Cancellations will attract fees as stated on the ALW Booking Request Form; and 3) Trucking charges will vary slightly due to fuel surcharge (fsc) as published or provided by pre-carrier(s) at time of booking as well applicable congestion and detention fees; and 4) Documentation (shippers letter of instruction, packing list(s), commercial invoice, donation letter) are included in our price quotation. Package shipping fees and all special/additional documentation or filing(s) beyond the aforementioned required per cargo content or destination country may attract additional documentation fees; 5) If shipping vehicles, special fees will be assessed for filing and pre-clearing; 6 Alpha Logistics Worldwide will not bare any responsibility for detentions, seizures, demurrage, storage, and penalties levied by carrier(s), port authorities, brokers, and transport intermediaries for any acts carried out by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and/or other federal, state, or local authorities in the discharge of their duties; and 7) All cargo movement facilitated are per "Alpha Logistics Worldwide freight forwarding terms and conditions" latest revision.